1. rosariummm:


    7 selfies because it was really hard to choose plus I’m super cute in the last one lol💁💖✨💋

    Bringing this back!

  2. averagefairy:

    u ever text someone something risky and every second that they dont respond is another spike in ur blood pressure and u stare at your hand like why did u type that u fool its over the universe is crumbling to pieces this is my demise

  3. proctalgia:

    when u try to tell ur friends a pun


  4. Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes leaked


    • who the fuck cares
    • have you never seen a nipple before
    • who cares
    • who the fuck cares
  5. khanandkittens:


    (My new project is photoshopping kittens into my favorite movies! Message me if you have any awesome movie suggestions.)

  6. fatandnerdy:


    So at Anime California I had the pleasure of working with and shooting these lovely folks! They were my very first not-cosfam-photoshoot I’ve ever done and it was great working with them. I would have loved to have a parking garage to get some other shoots but alas we did not have access to one so we made do.

    Cosplayers: fatandnerdy and arenasta

    Cosplays: Vault 101 Dwellers from Fallout

    Photos and Editing: stitchezpics

    Flickr Link

    More to come and to be updated to the Flickr as they are edited!

    Yeay! Omg I love them and I’m so stoked to see the rest. If anyone has the opportunity to work with stitchezpics I 100000% recommend them.

  7. ogfashionsense:

IG: edgelane_


    IG: edgelane_

  8. niknak79:

There’s something unsettling about the peanut butter


    There’s something unsettling about the peanut butter

  9. escapefrommetalgear:



    *gentle gasp*

    "dis booty"

    this fucking website i swear to god

    forever reblog

  10. working two jobs, about to be a new job in the story, and either 3 total or leaving one and keeping two…

    making plans and requests off…

    getting ready to go through a 12 week treatment after i establish a family doctor and get rid of this virus.

    a few appointments so far.

    fun boyfriend that will travel a long distance just to surprise me in the middle of walmart at night after a long hard day at work…while we’re on the phone the whole 30 minutes till he gets there… and declare he’s staying over and “what do you want to eat” lol 

    aaaaah, that was so funny, he really got me!

    and my general wanting to spend money on stuff really badly.

    really want a bigger apartment with a bathroom that i can close the door and take a SHIT comfortably while i have guests over, and a living room and bedroom and kitchen. sheesh LOL.. not sure if i should suggest we move in together  (or wait for him) or if i should relocate closer … those are long term plans,.. yes.

    parents tell me once i get the bank teller job to buy a bunch of clothes (“an investment” they said) to wear at the bank, at my old navy job, which btw is really frustrating and disappointing when it comes to getting scheduled hours there…. and then quit there, and keep my PT to FT restaurant job while i work PT at bank.

  11. epic-humor:

    will do anything for foood

  12. zomgnanners:

Get this sweater on Wheretoget

ermehgerd, smershing permpkins


    Get this sweater on Wheretoget

    ermehgerd, smershing permpkins

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